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Professional Auto Detailing Services

Oct 5, 2021Auto Detailing Services

Professional Auto Detailing Services

Choose the best Mobile Auto Detailing Services

Let’s face it, regardless of your level of cleanliness, every so often, every car needs a deep clean. Sure, you can do it yourself, but when it comes to detailing and cleaning services that leave your vehicle looking next to new, many don’t have the patience, attention to detail, or supplies. Professional auto detailing services can make most vehicles look and smell like new.

Our customers have learned first-hand that dirt happens. Whether you are a busy parent of messy kids, have no time or desire to clean your vehicle yourself, or you’ve recently spilled something and need help, our team of detailers has seen almost everything. No job is too big or too small. We are a judgment-free zone, working on the details to get your car looking as close to new as possible! Feel free to call our team and we can help navigate you through our service options!

Types of Detailing Services

We understand there are times that all vehicles need some professional attention. We have worked hard to design our services to allow all individuals the ability to come to see our team and get their cars clean! At Clean Ridez, we offer a variety of different services, from a simple exterior hand wash to interior and exterior detailing services. We know your time is valuable, so to save you time, we suggest you make an appointment, if possible, a few days before your desired detailing date.

What are mobile detailing services?

We understand you may not be able to get to us during our business hours. No worries! With our mobile detailing services, we can come to you. Let us clean your vehicle, inside and out, while you work, sleep, or attend your next baseball practice. You are in good hands with our team. We specialize in giving you the top detailing services in all of the Dallas, Fort Worth area. All you need to do is contact our team to set up your appointment. Leave your keys in a designated location, and we get to work, letting you stay focused on more important things. As a side note, if you are an interested truck owner, we also do mobile truck bed cover installs. Feel free to call and get a quote or review our many options.

Exterior vs interior Services

Exterior Services (sedan $30, Trucks/SUVs $50) 

  • Professional hand wash services- This is not the hand wash you get at home! Our hand wash comes standard with bug removal, window and door jam cleaning, wheel and tire cleaning, and, for an additional $20, we also complete an engine bay detail- perfect for the day before an upcoming car show!
  • Wax Services (Carnauba or ceramic)- depending on the length of time you want your car to shine, we have a wax service that will meet your needs!

Interior Services (Sedan $150, Truck/SUV $185)

  • Vacuuming Interior- Our team pays very close attention to those hard to reach places as we vacuum. Getting places others miss is our speciality!
  • Shampooing Carpets and Seats- Whether the stain is two years old or from yesterday, we have the tools and cleaning agents to help us rid your vehicle of those unsightly stains! 
  • Wipe and Clean all Plastic Surfaces- We wipe down all surfaces, removing dirt, fingerprints, and dust from your vehicle. 
  • Vinyl Surface Cleaning and Polishing- Conditioning your vinyl surfaces can make them look new again!

Please note: Excessive Pet Hair will have an additional charge as it takes much longer to achieve your desired results. 

Make an appointment for your interior and exterior services today!

Headlight Restoration Services

Older headlights oftentimes become cloudy with age. Believe it or not, this can actually be quite dangerous for you and other drivers on the road. Having dimmed headlights means you have dimmed visibility. Driving your car through dark country roads can be dangerous without the right amount of light!

What causes headlights to become cloudy and yellowed? There are actually two reasons headlights lose their shine over time. The first reason is oxidation. The UV rays, along with the material the headlight is made from, cause yellowing and cloudiness. The other reason headlights become cloudy and yellowed is due to small chips, cracks, and pores caused by dirt and dust being kicked up off the road and onto your headlight. Good news! Our headlight restoration service can remove the cloudiness, making your headlights shine like new!

and let us help your headlights shine! 

Choose Clean Ridez for Professional Auto Detailing Services

Clean Ridez is a Dallas and Fort Worth area auto detailing business you can trust! The quality of our work is like no other business around! We take pride in our work, and our customers see it! Our team is detail-oriented and ready to make your vehicle look as though it just left the showroom! Contact our team to learn more about our many available services and accessories. 

Some things simply can’t be cleaned away, but they can be prevented and we can help! Don’t let that Texas sun ruin your vinyl! Ask about our lifetime warranty-protected window tinting. Block those UV rays and keep the interior of your car looking newer longer. Is your paint faded and needs to be refreshed? We do offer powder coating services and make it our business to make your vehicle stand out from the rest!

Whether your vehicle’s carpet needs to be cleaned or you need a wash, wax, and vacuum, our mission is to ensure our customers have the most professional auto detail in all of Texas!