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Trust Clean Ridez for Truck Accessories Near Me

Oct 6, 2021Truck Accessories


When it comes to trucks, owners quickly realize that a large variety of aftermarket add-ons are available for purchase. Whether you are searching for truck liners or looking for a trustworthy bed cover that will last through the years and hold up to the Texas heat, Clean Ridez has you covered!   Clean Ridez is the premier servicer for auto detailing and aftermarket auto accessories near me

Most truck owners take considerable pride in their trucks, and many opt for a variety of add-ons to improve both the appearance and utility of their vehicles. When using a truck for hard work, it is important to keep the truck bed protected. Truck owners understand that the purpose of a truck is to be able to do such things as move heavy loads and complete a job that would not be possible with a smaller, enclosed vehicle; however, dents, dings, and rust and not the appearance many prefer. Clean Ridez has the truck accessories you need to keep your truck looking great while still maintaining functionality.

Why Truck Bed Liners are Important 

In years past, truck bed liners were not something many had. Because of this, it was not uncommon for a truck bed to be heavily dented, scratched, and filled with areas of rust or unmatched paint touchups. A truck owner had no options for ways to protect their investment and keep their beds looking great. This is not the case today! 

Bed liners have come a very long way and literally can save your vehicle from extreme damage caused by dents and rust. 

Types of Truck Bed Liners

Truck accessories have come a long way, and one of the best ways to protect the bed of your truck is with a drop-in or spray-in bed liner. Drop-in liners are typically made of a thin plastic material that sits over the paint of the truck’s bed. These types of liners are a great option that does a great job protecting your bed from scratches caused by materials being loaded into or shifting around in the truck bed. They are a less expensive option and do not necessarily require a professional installation, which is a plus for keeping costs down.

Spray-in bed liners are a bit more pricey, but you get what you pay for with this accessory. Whereas drop-in liners may shift around and potentially allow water between the liner and the truck, spray-in liners are precise as they sound. They are liners sprayed onto a prepared bed, giving the truck a liner with an exact fit. This type of liner offers extreme protection but typically requires professional installation, simply due to the prep and procedure needed for the application to work as it should.

The Importance of a Bed Cover

Whether you have a bed liner or not, we highly suggest looking into getting a bed cover for your truck bed. If you have never had a bed cover on a truck before, you will never look back once you have one installed! Like bed liners, truck covers protect the truck bed from the elements. They do not protect against dents or scratches, but they are one of the most requested truck accessories we carry due to their many benefits. When you have a bed cover, you can enjoy the following perks.

  • Items within the truck bed are secure from flying out of the bed while the truck is in motion.
  • Bed covers stop thieves from accessing your items and, depending on the model you purchase, can add a whole new level of security to your vehicle.
  • Bed covers keep items dry from the elements and protected from the sun and wind.
  • The enclosed bed actually will give the vehicle better gas mileage due to less air resistance.
  • Depending on the style chosen, the bed cover can be rolled up or removed so that open truck bed height is still available to the user.

Trust Clean Ridez for Truck Accessories Near Me

Clean Ridez has a large variety of truck accessories, liners, and covers available. Whether you are looking to upgrade every aspect of your truck or simply wishing to get your vehicle detailed to like-new condition, Clean Ridez is here to help. Our top-notch install team offers the best service in Fort Worth Dallas Texas. We carry the best products for reasonable prices, and are here to help you select the products that best meet your needs! We carry tonneau covers at a great price and can help install and with all of your truck accessories. 

Our customers keep coming back! From our website and brands to our service and commitment to your truck, we make your truck improvements easy! Feel free to go to our website and choose from our selection of services and products. We offer

  • All levels of auto detailing with multiple levels of wax options
    • Interior detailing
    • Exterior detailing
  • Headlight restoration 
  • Ceramic coating 
  • Odor Fog out / Ozone Treatment
  • Leather and Fabric Protection
  • Engine Detail 
  • Truck bed covers
  • Truck bed liners
    • Drop-in 
    • Spray on 
  • Electric retractable steps
  • Undercover Ultraflex
  • Truck bed Liner removal (for older liners)
  • Lift kits
  • Lowering kits
  • LED lighting
  • Powder Coating
  • Window Tinting

Our customers keep coming back because everything we do is done with pride, bringing your truck to the next level!

Clean Ridez is the top name in auto accessories near me in Fort Worth and Dallas! Regardless of your desired look, we have the truck accessories to match your style.